The COMPLETE Guide to gain your first 100,000 Followers on Instagram [ UPDATE ]

  Gain authority for your account is a critical step. Let’s assume that your account is a long term account. You should keep in mind, that I...

 Gain authority for your account is a critical step. Let’s assume that your account is a long term account. You should keep in mind, that IG knows how to recognize High authority accounts. And you better want them to recognize your account as High authority if you want to grow big and hit the explore page OFTEN. Follow ONLY 10-15 Accounts of your niche. Those accounts need to have at least 20K - 60K Followers. You are not following personal accounts with 1k followers because your account has to be flagged as a BRAND Account. So, You don’t comment/like any content of random ppl on IG. Your “Child” Accounts should do that for you.

Your main account NOT has to do the “dirty” automation work of following/unfollow nor liking - You will put him at risk. The child accounts will promote your MAIN IG account. If you still don’t know what it’s child accounts, keep scrolling the guide and you will find out. The reason that we are doing it is for Instagram eyes to recognize that our Account is engaging only with high-authority accounts.

Mother & Child Method

Nowadays in 2019 when IG become more strict for Automation. More and more ppl is thinking about new ways to grow their accounts faster. And this is the Child & Mother accounts were burned. How it works: So basically, Instead of executing Automation actions like Follow/Likes on your main account and risk the account getting flagged -- You simply creating Child accounts and do all of that actions on them. So your main account stay safe

Child Accounts Pushing Forward your Main account

There are various ways to use child Instagram accounts to promote your main account. 1. DM New Followers your Main Account 2. Promote your main Account via Shoutout every post 3. Comment on people Posts and tag your main Account 4. Insert your main @Account in the BIO of Childs Account (Risky) The options are endless. Also, you will not worry too much losing those accounts since their main goal was to promote your main account. So if you lose one - you can start a new account right away. You will need at least 100 Accounts to run if you want to get serious results. (3K Followers a day) so keep that in mind. You can give this task to someone who is professional in this field can save you a lot of time and hassle. Or, You can simply learn in this guide how to do it yourself and then train your own VA to do it. Once you Keep reading this guide - you will find out how to use Child accounts wisely in the method sections.


Automation growth is meant to grow your account on Auto-pilot. Without put in much effort in creating content and execute actions manually on your account. What does it mean? That you can Follow/ Unfollow/Like/Comment on other people's content 24/7 without putting any time from your side. But there is a cost. If you will not do it smartly: Your account can get banned. Smart mean:

Not abusing likes, Not abusing Comments, Not Abusing Follow Abusing = Too many actions per day. For example, if you will Follow 1500 accounts a day you will be flagged as a BOT - It will lead you for phone verifications, and the final step: Account disabling. This is why

I talk about how to warm up your account and how to use the Jarvee automation settings WISELY. Do not rush with aggressive settings or you will get banned.

Actions that you will learn to Automate in this Thread:


Your Accounts growth depends on the actions that you will execute, • Did you follow someone? Probably he will follow you back. • Did you comment on someone Photo? Probably he will comment back • Did you like someone's content? Probably He will like you back. Those actions can be automated. Which means your account can will be growth 24/7. So you simply invest in Jarvee to work for you.


Power likes can be tricky. Why? Because if you want to determine the power likes that you purchase in order to push your account engagement to the top - You will have to first, Check if the power likes provider followers are real followers and not low-quality bot accounts. If they are low-quality accounts - then his accounts likes have no power. So always keep that in mind. Also, likes are not enough to skyrocket your post to the explore page. You need Comments too. However, it can work with just power likes too.

As I already mentioned before, The more followers who liking your posts = The more power.
With that said, you need to understand that not all likes are created equal. When some random account called “fht56” is liking your content - it will not help you that much. You always have to get your likes from High-Authority accounts (50-600K Followers)

The Idea Behind Powerlikes

Soon as you get likes from an account with 600K Followers - Their followers will see that they liked your content. the whole idea here is to hit the explore page of the accounts that following the High-Authority an account that you got liked from. Because probably, if you those accounts like your content: their followers would like it too. This is how people hit the explore page.

High-Authority Accounts: What do you mean?

Let’s say you build your IG, You have 1 million followers. Will you sell your likes for 50$? No. You will not like content daily because now your likes worth a lot of money. The more you like little accounts - The more you lose the value of your Likes. Now every like of your account can skyrocket any IG account to explore page. So you have to choose wisely and keep your likes valued. Otherwise, IG will recognize it as Account that sell tons of likes.

Engagement Groups

Engagement groups and what is it all about? Instagram engagement group are meant to be to engage with your account so it will look more Active. For example, you can join a Telegram group with tons of ppl who want the same thing as you: Posts engagement.

Now keep in mind, that there are 2 types of Groups. High-Quality Groups & Low-Quality groups. The low-quality Group does not require minimum Followers for you to have on your account. To join The High-Quality Groups you will need to have at least 10K,20K Followers. Each group has its own Entry standards. There are groups that you will need 100K to enter, and groups that you will need 10K.

How engagement groups will help you build authority?

The more ppl who like & and comment on your posts - The more chances for you to HIT the explore page. There is no exact member that we can testify as “work” but the more = The better. + It will give your account more credibility if each post of yours getting likes & comments. Now, if the accounts who engage with your content have 200K Followers - Your posts will have more chances to hit the explore page and stick there for long. Usually accounts with 200K selling their likes as “Powerlikes”. If your posts got engagement from low-quality accounts it will be harder to hit the explore page.

How do Engagement groups work?

You join one of the free engagement groups to understand this growth model. Contact the group admin and ask him to join. Soon as you publish your Post URL in the groups you will start to see the likes & comments rolling in.


Types of Instagram Accounts Types


Before you get in-depth into the Instagram account growth game it’s important that you will be aware to the types of accounts. That way, it will be much easier to build your plans.

Short term Accounts : Those can be considered as a type of “Blackhat” accounts. It means Those accounts were created with one simple goal: Spam as much as you can and generate money as quickly as possible. So, In case you want to earn some quick-bucks on Instagram the best way for you to do it is to Create an account for “fake” offer like free followers. Once someone clicked on the link

What is considered short term accounts?

Accounts that offering false offers like “free followers”: Those are short term accounts because eventually, they will hit many reports from angry Instagram clients and the end is clear: BAN

In the photo attached you can see the short term account which offers free followers. Once you followed him - You will get an Auto-DM that will lead you to a page - in this page, you will be asked to download an app, after app is downloaded you will get followers. The truth is that you will not get any followers and the guy who sends you the offer will get an affiliate commission because you downloaded the app.

Why? There are affiliate networks working with app developers. Those app developers are looking for ppl to download their apps in order to get clients and gain better rankings in the google app store. The affiliate network - Instead of promoting their clients’ apps - simply giving to other ppl do the “dirty” job in exchange for a commission. They get paid on each download from the publisher of the app, and you get paid on each download. so; The app developer enjoys from new clients, the affiliate marketer (you) enjoy from a small commission. And the affiliate network gets the BIG bucks. Now you understand the chain? Good. 
 • Affiliate Network cut = 90% • Affiliate Marketer cut = 10% • App Owner Pay to the Affiliate Network

Long term Accounts

What is its long term accounts? Long term accounts are accounts that were created with 1 goal in mind: Growth for the long term in order to gain a huge amount of followers and sell the account for the HIGH ticket price. Usually, those accounts are re-posting the content of other IG accounts. most of the time they repost viral/niche-targeted content to get attention and have more chances to hit the explore page so they can get a bigger exposure as they can and gain massive amounts of followers. This is the best plan of action that you should bear in mind if you want to have an account that you can always monetize his followers and not being worried about getting banned. So you either can grow a sub-niche account and sell products to your targeted followers, or you can grow the account and sell it. once you get 20-30k followers you can start selling Shoutouts. Opportunities are endless.

Example of a long-term account:

an Account which constantly uploads photos for specifically targeted people. This account is built his audience slowly, and later on - He can monetize them with targeted products for Husky dogs or, Sell the account.


Client Account

The client account is an account that you want to treat with CARE. because, if you decided to go with the path of building your own The Instagram marketing agency you should know that if your clients don’t like the results they get he will leave your services.

Client account login & Proxy

Usually, when login for Instagram accounts from different locations, the client account will ask you to verify by email that you have permission to login into this account. Bear in mind to let your client know about it before you log in so he will not get panic that someone else tries to hack his IG Account. When verifying his acc - Ask your client for the 4 digits code and you are good to go. Secondly, Always use High-quality proxies so you will be able to execute many follow & follow actions without worrying get blocked. It does not make you 100% safe. If you will abuse the system and execute 900actions a day - You will get follow blocks. Always use soft settings to not trigger the Instagram spam algorithm. 4G Proxies is the best nowadays to manage clients. Treat your clients account with much care as you can because you don’t want him to get banned

Accounts Quality

Determine the account quality is important. As an Instagram marketer, you want to know how much your account worth.

Quality Factors

Engagement rate
Followers amount
Posts Quality
Account Proxy Email
Accounts Age
IP of Creation

Now let me go in-depth about these factors.

Engagement rate: Why it’s important? Your account can have 200K followers, However: when publishing a post only 2% of your total followers will see/engage with your post. It damages the account quality & price.

Followers Amount: The more - The better. Most of the ppl will determine the price per X amount of followers. Let’s say 10$ for each 1K followers and so on. If you have a good engagement rate you can even go higher as 15-20$ per 1K followers.

Posts Quality: Always make sure to post HQ content and not push too many promotions to your audience because ppl don’t like to see too many promos. Don’t cross the 1-2 Promos max per week, or simply charge more Money for each shoutout so you will work less, damage your account less and earn more. The decisions are up to you.

Account Creation: Account creation is a factor that plays a big rule in 2019. For example, if you will use a free proxy or low-quality proxy and email like “” to create your account it will automatically damage your account trust score because MANY others like you, use to spam the Instagram network. So always make sure to keep a high level of trust score. Use high-quality proxies & high-quality email accounts. Free proxies are sucks.

Account age: The more your account is aged the less you will be get banned/blocked. For example, your account trust score will be 10+ if it’s 1 year old. New accounts usually get action blocks fast and you will have to warm up them for 1 month until they are trusted. Always work with accounts that at least 1Month - 3Month old. The more they aged = The better

Account Proxy: If your account were created on low-quality proxies you will be more likely to get action blocks or banned. Accounts that were created on Private dedicated proxies are always preferred on Public free proxies. Saturated IPs can bring you a lot of troubles.

Market Research

Before you Monetize, pick the right niche!
Now see: There are people who spamming and searching for the quick buck, and there are people who build relationships with their audience.

Pick a niche that you have knowledge in it

Choose a niche that you have knowledge of it. For example, if you decided to build your account and monetize it soon as you got your first 10K Followers for a niche that you have no idea about -- what you will tell your audience? Buy THIS because it’s amazing? You need warm-up your Audience -- Slowly. At first, you showcase what product you have to offer. When they got an image of your service in mind -- You will have better success in selling them. Here is the Answer why: You see 2 t-shirts, 1 Is Adidas, the other shirt is a brand called Sambusak. Which one you will pick? ADIDAS. Why? Because of you know Adidas brand. This is why you want to get your audience to know you first. You will have to put the work building your relationship with them. Fall in love with your audience and they will fall in love with you.


Picking a sub-niche will give you the advantage to enjoy from low competition and Laser targeted audience. For example, If you will pick the niche of “Dogs” you will be too broad. But if you will pick a niche “Labrador Dogs” your audience will be more likely to convert when you sell a Labrador t-shirt instead of a “Dogs” t-shirt. Because of your audience is LASER targeted. So you are not selling a product for dogs, you are selling products for Labradors.

Hashtags Strategies

There are several categories of hashtags which are available and being used by different people to specify their messages. Your task as an IG Marketer is to find out which one is working best for your niche. Once you build your own formula - Just keep running on it. At the end of this guide, you will be able to create a complete strategy to your account that will help maximize your audience reach to get laser targeted audience to follow you. This what it is all about, just get your account audience much accurate as you can. So when you publish a post -- your audience interested in what you have to offer. If you are facing hard times build your formula, you can always reach out to the Telegram channel of this guide and ask your questions.

• Viral hashtags.

This is one of the most popular and commonplace hashtags with a range of between 100 million up to one billion posts. This group of hashtags is not recommended to use for small accounts. The audience of such hashtags is too broad & saturated with too many giveaways and other false offers. Therefore, your 80% of your such hashtag audience will not be interested in your content if it’s not “Viral” video/photo.

• Trending hashtags
These are depicting hot events of what is happening at the moment. normally, they make a lot of noise for a short time and disappear. examples of trending hashtags: #Blackhole, #kikidrake, #me2. They are normally related to some media event with a lot of buzz. you are job as an IG marketer is to try to catch this trend wave and ride on it while you can. Because it will not last for too long.

• Niche / sub-niche hashtags.
Such hashtags will be effective for small/medium accounts (10-100K+) With sub-niches, you can be more specific & targeted. It will allow Instagram to make accurate classification of your account and help promote your posts to the right audience.your message will be seen by a small audience However, it will be Laser targeted. For example, if you have Labrador dogs account: You can either push it into #Dogs Hashtag, or you can either Push it into #Labradors hashtag. The more targeted - The more audience that will be interested in your content.

• Location hashtags.

Location Hashtags support the geographical location of posts., From country to city and even the exact street and building. This is helpful in building a relationship between the one posting and the place specified. Such an option can be great for local businesses who want to get their posts to people who are their area.

• Blacklisted Hashtags

Behind the scenes of Instagram, there are some hashtags which can be hidden from the public especially their recent posts in case they are flagged as infringing in the community guidelines. These are hashtags which are using some keywords linked to nudity, illegal substances and in some cases violence. In order to keep your account safe from getting shadowban/disabled - You need to avoid such interacting with blacklisted hashtags and insert them into your Blacklist in Jarvee. #blondegirls, #youareblack, #killforfun among others.

The right Strategy:

The right strategy is to simply use as many Hashtags as you can but mix it. 50/50. It’s recommended to use 20 Hashtags per 1 post. So include 50% which is BIG hashtags that is hard to get into the main page of such hashtags and stay there for long, The rest of 50% should be hashtags with not too many subscribers so it will be easy for you to stay in the first page of them. That way, you maximize your chance to get exposure for your photos.

Scrape Hot Usernames & Hashtags Using Jarvee

How you can use Hashtags?

You can use hashtags as your follow source in Jarvee which means: Follow people who were interacted with content related to this Hashtags or Usernames

You can use Hashtags In your Photos to BOOST your engagement rate.

Prepare your list of usernames & Hashtags because we will use it when we get into the Automation process.

The main goal here is for you to have a follow sources to build your audience & Hashtags to post in your Photos captions so your content will be able to reach targeted people and more audience.

Go Social Accounts in Jarvee and double click on your account than from there click on “Tools” (If you added it to jarvee)

Now go to the tab called “Users and hashtags”

Let’s assume we are looking for food accounts. We are going to research for food accounts & Hashtags with a high amount of followers in order to follow their followers and engage with them on a daily basis - We will build our followers based on that. The most important thing to focus when you pick up accounts/hashtag is the followers & posts count.

Make sure that you choose accounts & hashtags with at least 15 - 20K Followers/Posts. Our goal is to have a massive list of targeted usernames/hashtags to engage with. Jarvee will simply scrape your competitor account followers to follow them & like their content. Simply tick the box of the desired account (As you see in photo left side) Make sure to scrape many as you can.

I scraped 5 Usernames that it is relevant to my niche.: Foodyeating,foodys,foodandwine,drsebiscellfood,foodnetwork

Now that we have our sources to build a targeted audience, we can start to automate. Let’s scrape popular #hashtags .In search hashtags Box below we are going to insert “Food”

As you can see we got MANY results. We will tick the white box and scrape the most famous Hashtags. Here is the Hashtags that I have just picked: food, foodporn, instafood, foodie, healthyfood, foodstagram, foodgasm, foodphotography, foodpics, foodlover, foodblogger, foodies It’s the easiest way to scrape HOT hashtags and usernames. Keep that in a list because you will it soon as we start the Growth processes.

Content Guidelines & Account Setup

We need an account that will be attractive in order to get a great follow back rate. For example, ppl will be more likely to follow an account that looks legit and good instead of just another account. So keep that in mind.

Account Creation Factors

• Username
• Your Profile Photo

BIO: Always make sure that your BIO is informative, short and to the point. You don’t want the average user will invest more than 30 seconds to understand your business. Use call to action commands like “click here” to get “XYZ”

URL: Have a legit looking URL. If it’s your brand account use a legit Domain like .com/.org etc. Domains that looks like website.wordpress. com is not professional.

Username: Have a good looking username. Let’s say that your selling diets, if your username will look like “Infodiet9238n” it’s will be considered as spam looking, “Infodiet.Official” will get you better follow back rate.

Profile Photo: Set an Attractive profile photo that will make the average username say “I want to follow this account”. Don’t use your personal photo for Brand or Business account.

Example of a great profile in the photo below:


Content Creation
you can create great content for your Instagram account in less than 5 minutes. Make sure to have at least 5 Backgrounds that you are interested in. For this example. I am going to create content for Fitness Motivation niche.

What you need

1. Account
2. Text

Let’s say that my text is “Never give up” and I also want to insert my logo in it. I will go over and insert “Instagram” in search to get the right Photo size.


Once I choose Instagram, I will have a menu in the sidebar - Where I am able to pick free templates. Let’s enter “Fitness” in the menu search so it will give us the right photos to work with.


Now You will be able to edit the text easily/ Insert your own logo or photos. Very easy tool to work with and I Personally train my VA’s on creating such content for my own accounts. You can also sell it on Fiverr/as Social media Services. Keep that in mind.

Once you got the Photo ready, simply click on the Download icon at Canva and download it as a PNG file to your computer - You are all set. You will see the download button at the TOP menu bar in the right corner.

Content Strategy

Use #Hashtags: Using hashtags in your post will help you to boost your content to more audience via the Instagram platform. Each hashtag has his own unique niche followers. A hashtag is like a fan page of the specific niche that you will be posted for. So if for example, you are selling Cats you would want to use the hashtag #cats in your post to expose your products to your audience.

Now, I know that some of the people will think: If hashtags are so powerful why not everyone uses them? Because not everyone knows how to reach into the top posts of the hashtag and stay in there. This guide will give you all the tools that you need in order to get in there. Keep that in mind: The more likes you get and engagement = The more time that you will stay at the top of the hashtag. So from now on, whenever you posting something in your cat account, always make sure to involve hashtag. Let’s say that I want to post a photo of my cat and upload it to my profile, the description for my photo will be: “Look what my #cat is doing right now” that way, you do not look like a spammy account who try to push the hashtags to the limit (I am not against using many hashtags) Keep in mind that, the more posts hashtag has = The more popular this hashtag is.

Taging/Mention Use @tag aka Mentions to expose your post to many people as you can. For example, you can scrape all of your followers at a comment on your own photo with their @Usernames. That way you will make sure that they will be notified about your posts. Don’t do it too much because you can get flagged as a spammy account. This strategy will be more likely to work with churn and born accounts if you are tagging more then 10 people than 1 post.

Posting Often

Try to keep your feed updated much as you can, the more ppl will see your brand photos = the more you will be in their minds. A specially in this age when get bombarded with new photos on a daily basis. Pick your niche and make sure that you stick with photos that will make your audience satisfied. For example, if I followed dogs account I want to see dogs, Not a photo of a cat. So always make sure to give your audience what they are looking for. Otherwise, they will unfollow you.

Locate Viral Content

Content is king. Always keep that in mind. Why? Because nobody want’s to follow accounts that posting shitty content. (Excuse me) . Here I am going to teach you how you can find great content to re-post, so your Account engagement rate will skyrocket to the roof. And you will have more potential for getting your photos viral. This is not a top-secret, However: Not everyone uses such a strategy. Let’s assume that your niche is Dogs. And you have no Idea what to post. Research for #Dogs hashtag.

I found a post that in just 2 Hours gained more then 4000+ Likes and 30 comments. == Can get VIRAL Easy.


And please, Always make sure to give credit to the original photographer otherwise you are risking your account being reported for copyright. It can lead for Photo removal and in the worst cases -- Account shutdown. (Not happening often)

Growth management

Before starting with growth, you should know that if you came with a plan to scale your IG accounts and manage more then 50 accounts. You should have:


The advantage of using a VPS

Instead of Execute actions on your PC you do it on a Virtual Server. Which means: even if you offline -- Your IG Accounts will keep running and execute an action like follow/liking/ comment.

Why we need proxies?

Proxies are the IPs where all of the communication of your network will go out. So imagine, 50 Instagram accounts sending the same Actions from the same IP -- Instagram will say, wait, this machine sending too many requests of following/like/comment. It’s not human. - It’s spam. This is why you want to operate with at least 1Proxy X 2 Instagram accounts. Proxy = IP.

Phone/Email Verifcations

From time to time, you will get requests from Instagram to verify your account with a phone number or email -- It does not mean that you need many sim cards. You can simply use websites like SMSPVA.COM or PVACODES.COM to automate your phone verification process. With email, it can be also Automated.

VPS Setup

If you decided to scale big and purchase a VPS to operate 40-50 Accounts. It’s now time for you to purchase a VPS that will fit your needs. As someone who growth himself accounts and tried a lot of VPS providers out - I already cut the way you should walk in to get the right VPS. and also, You will not find better quality then this on such prices. I made my research already. Once you are on the Serverhosh website, Choose “Virtual Servers” at the top menu and then “Massplanner VPS” This VPS Is Optimized a specially for Jarvee.

Keep in mind that the max you can manage per Jarvee account is 500 Instagrams.
Pick a plan that will fit your needs. Wait 24 Hours to get your VPS login details and you are ready to go

To connect into your VPS simply go to Start -- Search -- Remote Desktop connection. -- Enter your Server IP Click connect.

Jarvee Setup

Now that you have Proxies & VPS - you will be able to use Jarvee and start growing accounts. This step is simple. All you have to do is to connect into your VPS and set up jarvee in there, OR you can simply install Jarvee on your own PC. This is for your choice. I would prefer to run it on my VPS. So go into Jarvee Website, once you there simply click on “Get Started” at the TOP menu.

You will be referred to a page - In this page, you will have to choose the package that will fit on your needs. The plans offered by Jarvee

Jarvee: Setup & Settings

Right after clicking on Add profile choose Instagram.


a new window will pop where you should insert your PROXY IP & Instagram Login.


Warm-up your Account

Before executing aggressive automation settings you will have to warm up your account. It means that you need to build a trust score for your account so IG will not recognize it as a spambot. If you will start to Like & Follow without warming up 400 people a day you will be immediately flagged as a spam account and get phone verifications/account ban.


Insert Account to Jarvee • First 3 Hours without executing Actions •

Day 1: Follow/like 40-60 •
Day 2: Follow/like 60-90 •
Day 3: Follow/like 120-250 •
Day 4: Follow/like 250-350 •

If your account is brand new, you should let it age for at least 2-4 weeks before you starting to do any automation actions

Setup Auto-Follow Tool

Go to Social Profile > Actions > Tools. Choose the “Follow” tab. from there go to Follow sources



If you want to follow users via Hashtags - Choose the first option. If you want to follow users that Interacted with photos on a targeted niche accounts choose the second option.

When you will insert your hashtags, it should look like this:


Now that you loaded sources to interact with your account, you are ready to automate.

Just go to the Follow Tab and set it on ON.

Now, to make sure that you are following relevant sources - Follow the settings in the screenshot.
There are more settings you can adjust, these are just a few.


Setup Auto-like

Click on the ‘Like’ tab in the Account Tools menu of Jarvee and copy the following settings.

Go the the ‘Sources’ tab in the like section, Scrape a list of relevant usernames from your niche and insert them into the like sources.


Like between 50-75-100 a day.

Setup Re-post

To setup the repost tool - at first you will have to find an account that is in your niche. once you have few, insert them into the repost tool.


Choose ‘Repost posts’ of specific users

In Repost Settings scroll the page down until you see the writing box. In this box,
you choose what to write on the photos that will be reposted.

You can use it to promote your products/offers.
Make sure to use Spin text so your account will not look spammy with the same content over & over. If you want to keep it as it as - leave the Original as it is.

How to use hashtags for each repost

Below the ‘POST CAPTION TEXT’ we can see that we have an option: ‘Enable Dynamic Hashtags’ tick the box. What it will do: Instead of using the same Hashtags over & over it will simply pick a random number of Hashtags from the list. You can adjust it with the % on each box. As you can see, mine is 65% - 35%. These is the settings that I usually use for my own projects.

We will spin our comments in order to stay under the IG Spam radar. Example of a spinned comment: “{Hi|Hello|Hey} Johnny” each time comment will be posted different word will be posted used. Hi/Hello/Hey If we will send the same msg over and over - It will be aggressive spam, which means BAN. This is the reason to use Spintext.

Auto-Comment & Spintext

With Auto comments, you can make people more aware of your accounts. Especially when you comment on viral posts - A lot of people will see your comment and some of them will decide to check your profile and follow you. You can even use it to promote your products. Not only account.

What we will promote for this example:

We are selling a dog ring and we want ppl will be able to see our offer via comments.

How spin text works?

We will spin our comments in order to stay under the IG Spam radar. Example of a spinned comment: “{Hi|Hello|Hey} Johnny” each time comment will be posted different word will be posted used. Hi/Hello/Hey If we will send the same msg over and over - It will be aggressive spam, which means BAN. This is the reason to use Spintext.


Let’s assume that you are selling dog rings and your main account is
@Dogrings and you want an army of Child Accounts to push traffic for
your main business account.

Create 5 IG Accounts and let them comment
24/7 on ppl photos with your offer “Want to buy dog rings? Check out
Don’t do it from your main account because you will risk it getting banned
and MAKE SURE to use spintext. Otherwise - It will not last for a long time.

Setting up Auto comments

Go to Social profiles > double click on your account > click on ‘Tools’ > Comment and choose the option in the Orange box.


Insert the accounts that you interested to interact with or Hashtags and you are good to go.

Schedule Posts

In case you have your own Business photos and you are not interesting to just re-post other IG accounts
You can automate your posts and decide which post and when will be published via Jarvee. It will take you a few minutes to set up, however, once you did - No need to manual upload content anymore to your account

On Jarvee left side menu you will see “Campaigns” Click on it and then click on ‘Add Campaigns”


Choose the Standard option and we are good to go.


On the Campaign, Section go to “What to publish tab” And choose the photos that you are interested to publish - As you see in the photo below


When you click ‘Photos’ It’s in a case that you are interested to upload just 1 post. If you want to upload multiple posts - scroll the page below and choose “Add multiple image posts”

I am interested in Schedule 6 Posts in this example. A new window will pop and you will have to choose the photos that you want to upload as your posts

After clicking on ‘Add photos’ a new window will pop where you will have to choose what you want to write to your audience on each Photo

After we wrote the text that we want and make sure that your posts Scheduled and on the place. Go to “Post list” tab and you will see your posts in there.

Setup Publishing Timers

if you want to choose a specific time to publish posts, simply go to ‘When to publish’ tab. And choose how many posts you want to publish on your account in a day and at what time

Choose an account to publish your posts

We finished Setup our campaign - Now we want to choose on which account we are going to publish our posts. In this case, It’s just 1 Account but it can be many. In Jarvee Left side menu Choose ‘Destination List’ > Add the destination list on the top of the page.

Now that we have our destination list let’s get back to Campaign > Where to publish

Great. Now all that we have to do is to start our campaign. Go to the ‘Overview’ tab and follow the instructions on the screenshot. > Start Publishing


Now your account will publish your content on autopilot.

Growth Roadblocks Solutions

As you might know, Growing Instagram accounts it’s not an easy process, it can be done easily but first, you will have to recognize the patterns that usually, slow down your account growth. Usually, it will be:

• Phone Verifications
• Email Verifications
• Follow/Like/Post Blocks

In the next pages of this chapter, I will teach you how to deal with each type of roadblock during your Instagram growth journey. Once you finish reading my eBook - You will be Instagram marketer Certified. You will be able to grow accounts from 0 to 100K on your own. So listen carefully.

Why those Action blocks showing up?

Instagram prefers that people will not use automation tools to grow their accounts. Ask me why? Because if everyone were a robot - None of the Instagram content will be authentic. So they do everything that they can in order to keep their platform natural as they can. With fewer bots, and more humans. However: It doesn’t mean that you will not be able to fly under the Instagram Bots radar. Keep that in mind

Automatic Phone Verification Setup

phone verifications are part of the game and sometimes it can be very annoying if done manually. However, we are lucky to have Jarvee: With Jarvee, we can automate such actions: Instead of manually enter the account and enter your phone number, you can simply click on “Tools” > Phone verify and it will verify the account via API Access.

What you need:

1. SMSPVA.COM Account
2. Load Balance of at Least 1$

Register an account at SMSPVA.COM and get your API Key. Once you got it go to Jarvee > Settings > Connectivity. Once you are in there, you will see “API Key” In there, Insert the API Key you got from Smspva. Now every time that you will be asked to verify the account via phone - you can do it via Jarvee menu without entering the phone yourself. It will save you tons of time to maintain the accounts.

After registering to SMSPVA (Top menu) , You will be enabled to verify your account from various countries worldwide. Make sure that you choose the cheap ones. Each country has a different rate per account verify

How to Phone Verify Via Jarvee:

Go to Social profiles and find the account you want to phone verify. Click on ‘Actions’ in the menu that will open choose “Phone verification”.

Automatic Email Verification Setup

Same as phone verification, from time to time while you botting your way to 100K Of followers you will get requests to verify your account via email. Jarvee will help you to set up automatic Email verification - No need to check your email manually and enter the code anymore.

Make sure, that your email Support POP3 - It will give Jarvee access to the email server to grab the 4 digits code that Instagram will send to your account email.

To configure it, go to Jarvee > Social Profiles > Double Click on your IG Account. Now click on Tab “Email Validation” on the top menu.

This is the screen that will shop up to you. Simply enter your email Login and Pop3 address. If you cannot find your Pop3 Address simply google it, for example, “Rediffmail Pop3 Address”. Keep in mind that for emails: Gmail,Rediff, or yahoo you can keep the box empty - Jarvee will get the information automatically. So no research is needed for the pop3 address. Now, whenever you get Email verification request, You have to click on “Action on selected Profiles” in Jarvee Social Profiles tab. (Button Below) and choose “Verify Email” option.

Follow & Posting Blocks

Instagram has a strict policy about Users who “gaming” their Algorithm in order to gain more followers. Especially when doing them on automation. As told, Imagine that all of your likes would be given by robots? As a client of Instagram, you would not like it. So IG is doing anything to protect their platform Quality & User experience. Your main goal is Not flagging your account as a BOT.

How to avoid Blocks

• Use 4G Proxies/High-Quality Proxies
• Don’t Automate Over 120 Actions Per day with each tool
• Use Aged Instagram Accounts (At least 1-3 months old)
• Warm Up your account before increasing your daily Actions.

Did you get blocked?

In case you got actions blocked, simply put your account to “Rest” mode and let it sit for 48-72 Hours & Warm-up again at Most of the times, the blocks coming from abused IPs , It means that someone, before you are used this IP or Subnet on Instagram and this IP is blacklisted: You can consider that your IP was blacklisted only after 3 Times of getting blocked and Warm-up again. Keep that in mind.

Posting Blocks

Same like you warm up your account before you execute follow/ unfollow options. For example, you just inserted your new account into Automation program. For the start, let it sit for at least 48 hours so IG can recognize your proxy, second: Post a story, 1 day after Post 1 photo a day, then 2 a day and so on. Don’t start straight bombard your IG account with photos.

This is not a natural behavior in IG algorithm eyes. If you still can’t post photos after warming up your account - it’s probably your proxy. Usually, posting blocks depend on your account trust level. If your IG accounts were created on a Chrome browser with a public proxy - probably your trust score will be low and you will face Posting blocks. If your account were created on an HQ IP like 4G proxy and Browser with all extension’s needed (as explained in Account creation Method) you will be good to go after warming up your account. Keep in mind that your Account trust score is a critical factor.

Getting Out from Posting/Follow Blocks Jail

Now, even if you did everything by the book and established your account as a trusted account in Instagram eyes you can still get in the Shadowban/blocks jail. That can happen from various reasons: IG Decided to Blacklist your Proxy/Recognized spam patterns on your account. too many spam reports on your account or you executed your actions too fast. If that kind of thing happened to you Here is the steps

that you should talk via Jarvee: The app that we will use to grow our account in this guide.

• Reset Device ID
• Let account rest for 24 Hours
• View Stories from friends (4-5) Manually
• Post around 1 or 2 Videos a day
• After posting videos for 2 days start to publish 1/2 photos a day.

If it’s not working, Do the process again. However, after resetting the Device ID: and Login from your own smartphone. The workflow should be like this:

• Reset Device ID
• Login from REAL smartphone
• Let account rest for 24 Hours
• View Stories from friends (4-5) Manually
• Post around 1 or 2 Videos a day (Not PHOTOS!)
• After posting videos for 2 days start to publish 1/2 photos a day.


Footprints? Why Professor? Those footprints create a link between your Instagram accounts.
Such thing can cause Domino effect - Mass Instagram accounts Phone verification or ban: your job is to fly under the Spam radar and manage it properly. Now let’s discuss the things that you need to consider when you manage More than 10 Accounts in Jarvee.

You have to avoid:

• Using the same Links in BIO Across multiple Accounts
• Not removing Metadata From Scraped Photos (MD Removal App)
• Using the same BIO Text Across Different Accounts
• Not put your Accounts Into Rest Mode (5 Hours a Day)
• Insert Link in BIO Before Warming UP For 1 Week
• Insert Direct Affiliate URL in BIO
• Using the same Proxy In more than 2 Accounts
• Verify Accounts with the Same Phone Number

Instagram Crawlers

Instagram is running robots who crawl to any link of IG and check it for spam links. Your job is: To use Pre-Lander to mask your Affiliate URL. It means Your Prelander > Client Click on “Continue” Button > Then client Get to your Page with URL referring to your Offer. That way, you can stay under the crawler's radars and not flag your account as a “Spam” account. I will show you how I am doing it in the Links management chapter of this guide.

Costs & Investment Return

Keep in mind the your opportunities are endless, You can Sell Client Growth services, Shoutouts and more. once you got 10K followers. The easiest way around without dealing with too much hassle is selling accounts. Clients can be found in Facebook groups, Reddit. Etc. Accounts with Followers have HUGE demand. If you will be dedicated enough - You will find clients. + I am sharing a method to sell your accounts if you keep scrolling this guide. So the main focus here is to return your investment faster as you can and then think about new concepts of business like Client management. - This is where the big money can be found. Soon as you will become a Pro with Jarvee - You simply use it as it’s your money machine. Start small, Growth to be BIG. Sell ready-made accounts.


Before promoting anything on IG you need to keep in mind that IG links Put your account at risk if it’s Affiliate link/CPA. IG simply doesn’t like the fact that advertisers promoting affiliate offers on their platform. With that said, you need to know how to manage your links, and how to create safe links that will not get your account banned. This is what I am going to explain in the next 3 pages so please, stay tuned.

Links Management

In order to understand how much traffic you get into your links and get a clear picture of what works/not, what get clicks and what not - you will have to track the performance of your links. For example, if you see that link A getting more clicks then Link B - Probably something wrong, or something work better with link A then link B. Your plan should be to use different Bitly URL to each Instagram account so you will be able to know which account performing as well and which account is not performing at all. Go over and open account - This is the platform that I myself use to manage my links. Keep that in mind, that if you don’t want to operate with Bitly for any reason, simply write “Short link Management” on google and you will find tons of results. Some people say that Bitly is too abused, to me: It still works. So I don’t see a reason it will not work for you.

created the account you want to short the URL of your Landing page and get your Bitly URL. Simply click on “Create”

Then you simply have to insert your URL and get your Bitly short link

Now in bitly menu - You will be able to see all of your links, How many clicks you get for URL & Which countries. You should use it to get a picture of your audience, what works and what’s not work. What gets clicks and what not. I highly suggest doing a Split tests. For example, having to link A and link B. And see at Bitly which one is getting the most clicks & traffic. That way, you will be able to locate your winner.

Insert links in BIO without Getting Banned

How many ppl worldwide promoting their Clickbank links on Instagram? More than Billion. That’s for sure. Now think: How those guys were used to promote such links? They were just spammed all over the place - Instagram learns their behavior and blocked any Clickbank affiliate link during the years 2012 to 2016. G is always keeping a close eye on affiliate links. And they deffently put your account at Risk of Ban. However, there are platforms that cannot be banned on IG - Those are High Authority Platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Web 2.0. Etc. And we can use that for our own. As explained before on Footprints Chapter - If you will insert direct aff link in your IG BIO’s just a matter of a few minutes


Tweet with a random Twitter account one of your pre lander and then copy-paste this Tweet URL into your IG account BIO. Simple as that. Such a strategy can be used with ANY other Web 2.0 platform nor Social Media. To create a Safe Affiliate URL for Twitter, Just go-ahead to Blogspot/ and create an account then Insert your Link with a call to action “Click Here to get XYZ” And that’s it.

Money Making methods

(CPA) Email submit: These are the easy way around to make your first buck. All you need is a client to submit his email and you bam, you made $2. From here, it's just a game of numbers until you make serious income for it. Scale.
There are companies who offer free makeup samples, you can promote those since it's the easiest ones.

Which offers can convert best?
Beauty, Tickets, etc.

How to? : Find an offer that you find attractive on Adworkmedia and start promoting it.


Find the right accounts to interact with - choose usernames & hashtags based on the niche that you are working with. If for example, you are working with beauty niche - Nails, makeup, etc will be relevant accounts to support your targeting with Jarvee.

Linking to your offers


If you run 100 Accounts and each one of them will send DM to new followers. “Hi, Are you interested in free makeup? Check @Make.up for more info” create 100 Accounts with different URLs in BIO and Spintext your msg. “Hi Check {@Account1|@Account2|@Account3| if you want free makeup sample” So, instead of sending the same account over and over, you will send different accounts. If 1 account gets disabled you have 2 more spares. If you are scaling to a bigger number it’s recommended for you to have at least 100 Different accounts with Different URLs.

It should be like this if you want to start earning.

1. Register to Adworkmedia
2. Research for Beauty Free Samples Offers
3. Learn How to safe link to your Offers
4. Build at least 5-10 Accounts to DM Followers with your offer.
5. Drive Traffic via Instagram to your Offers
6. See the money flowing into your Account.

Mentions Method

Sometimes, you have great services to offer but you don't have an audience to interact with. The mentions method should help you to get the attention of people that not following your account. Just make sure to scrape a bunch of IG accounts and mention them on your posts.

Create a Scraped list of your Targeted @Usernames
Go into your SMM Panel and buy Mentions
Setup Auto-Reply to DM via Jarvee


Now once someone is DM you pitch them your offer. Once they agree - resell them, followers, from well known SMM panels.

Instagram Mother & Child Method

it seems like the follow/unfollow method becomes hard to maintain for some people because they simply want to save their main accounts from getting random action blocks or bans. This is where the Mother & Child method was born. The main goal for child’s account is to do the “Dirty” work and get the Relevant users to follow for the mother account. As you know, the less Automation on your Main Acc = The less chance for shadowban/account shut down

How it works

Instead of running actions like follow/like 24/7 on main your account - you simply create a bunch of Fans aka child accounts to promote your main IG account.

Usually, 10 Child Accounts per 1 Main Account = 50/100/150 Followers a day. I am going to teach you how to scrape relevant followers with child account. Keep in mind that you can use this method to DM new followers and promote your Main accounts.

We are going to scrape followers in bulk and send them to child accounts to follow/like . Now don’t see this as an exact formula for 200 Followers a day - every niche has his own growth speed. For example, babes will X3 faster than Motivation niche. (You got the point right?) so keep that in mind.

Let's start

Create 1 IG Profile in Jarvee for Scraping.
It’s will be your account to scrape relevant people to interact with so keep it with a name that you will remember. “Account 1” for example


Enable this Settings > Social Platforms > Instagram


now that you created your scraping account go to] the account of your client/ your brand and copy the settings that you use there right into your scraping account. - So it will be targeted followers for your specific goal.

Go to Tools - Follow - Copy settings. Should look like this:


Now that you are all set up with the following sources of your niche - You will have to enable this feature in order to allow the scraping account send the followers to your Client/Main Account. In your scarping account go to Follow > Extract Users > Choose Automatically to send users


The advantage of using Mother & Child Method

Instead of doing the actions and risking our client/brand account - We will use the Scraping accounts (Childs) to get all the followers and from there - It will send it to our client/main account which means we want to execute fewer actions as we can on client account in order to minimize risks.

The mother & child method Work-flow

Child Account Follow & Scrape Followers > Automatic Send them to The main Account to follow > Main Account Following

now that our child accounts are being used to scrape the relevant following sources and send them to our Mother (Main/Client Acc) on autopilot! Now - You cannot just generate

The bottom line

Now that you understand the concept of mother & child account you can use it for the rest of the actions like DM/Like/ETC.

Promotions should be used on Child Account:

you have your main Account is Tier1. account and child accounts are the tier2 that will follow/unfollow. Your main account will be used just for posting PURE content. think of it as your brand account, where you take the advantage to use Tier2 accounts (Child accs) to push your main acc for passive growth and engagement without taking the risks that come with Automation aka Botting. So the main goal of the child accounts is to gain traffic for your Main account. So how you promote your main account via Child accounts?

• DM New Followers of Child Accounts with your @Main account
• Tagging Your Main Account on child accounts posts (1:3)
• Insert your main account in child accounts BIO
• Tagging your Main account when Commenting on Posts

Push traffic to your Main accounts via Child Accounts


This is how you should run a DM Promotion for your Main Account via Childs. Imagine 200 Child accounts working for you 24/7? We will use our Child Accounts to DM the Main account to new followers. We prefer to send DM only to new followers. Otherwise, Account will be flagged as spam

Go to social accounts > Tools > Contact


In contact go to “Send Message to New Followers”


You can send personal msg when using one of the Built-in Jarvee for example you can add Hi [FIRSTNAME] and it will send your DM with the Client first name. Now Ppl will see your DM > They go to your account > See your offer and clicking on your URL > client Buying/Subscribe to your offer. Always make sure to use good spintext when you have many child accounts running

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Trik.My.ID - Trik dan Tips Untuk Semuanya: The COMPLETE Guide to gain your first 100,000 Followers on Instagram [ UPDATE ]
The COMPLETE Guide to gain your first 100,000 Followers on Instagram [ UPDATE ]
Trik.My.ID - Trik dan Tips Untuk Semuanya
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