How to Rank Higher and Improve Your Website CTR in Google Using FAQ Schema

In terms of SEO and Google ranking, FAQ Schema can be a game-changer and you can't even imagine that it will boost your CTR by 10-...

In terms of SEO and Google ranking, FAQ Schema can be a game-changer and you can't even imagine that it will boost your CTR by 10-31.4%.

But in Joomla, the existence of FAQ Schema is quite a mystery just because it's a complicated adding process. But we did not give up. We made Quix the most user-friendly Joomla page builder and introduced FAQ schema in Joomla for the first time ever in Quix 2.7.3.
In this article, I am going to discuss how to rank higher in google rank, improve your CTR through Joomla FAQ and show how to create FAQ Schema in your Joomla site using the Quix page builder.
Enjoy the rest. You will love it. Trust me. 

Why Ranking and CTR matter? 

Everyone wants to rank higher in Google search results. Indeed to state your existence, it is the most concern thing for any business. But why?

The answer is, Google is the most visited site with 62.19 billion visitors, Google dominates the search engine market with 92.18 percent of the market share, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day.

So, if you can reach the top of the first page of Google results, it adds extra value to your business. For instance, 46 percent of product searches begin with Google. The top position gets more traffic and builds up your business image as well as also increases business authenticity.
Now, let's talk about CTR. Simply click-through rate is the number of clicks you receive on a search engine result. A higher ranking page has higher click-through rates because people don't want to scroll, which reduces your CPC and improves your page rank as well.
According to Advanced web ranking, the top 3 positions of desktop search got 10-31.5% organic CTR and the search coming from 2,442,454 keywords for 44,966 websites. Besides, 90 percent of survey respondents said they were likely to click on the first set of results.
Can you imagine the impact of ranking and CTR!

What is FAQ Schema? 

Before dig in let's get to know what the FAQ schema is. FAQ schema is a form of structured data that contains a list of questions and answers pertaining to a particular topic. FAQ Schema makes your web pages eligible for rich results in the search engine result page.
According to Google Documentation, "A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page contains a list of questions and answers pertaining to a particular topic. Properly marked up FAQ pages may be eligible to have a rich result on Search and an Action on the Google Assistant, which can help your site reach the right users."


How FAQ Schema Improves Your Site's Conversion

So, what is the benefit of using FAQ schema and Google FAQ?
In short, you can get more clicks from the user on your web pages in Search Engine Result Pages. When you get more clicks, it automatically improves your site conversion rate.
FAQ schema or Google FAQ allows you to add multiple questions with the title tag, focus keyword, and meta description with additional space below the regular search snippet in the form of FAQ tabs.
Question-based title tags have a 14.1% higher CTR compared to non-question titles because while searching in Google, everyone looking for an answer to a question. Here Google FAQ that platform for you. 

How to Create FAQ Schema in Joomla (The complicated way)

Adding FAQ schema in Joomla is one of the most complicated things in Joomla. You can create Joomla FAQ directly; therefore you have to use HTML markup or Script.
For the script you have can use an extension or plug-in that generates the script for you itself. For the HTML markup, you have to write the markup manually and here the complication begins because the markup is highly case sensitive; therefore, no chance to make any mistake at all.
Let's see how complicated it is. 

Scripting process with an 3rd Party Extension

To do so, follow the below steps,
  1. Step 1: Create a new Joomla Article
  2. Step 2: Add questions and answers
  3. Step 3: Add FAQ Schema to Joomla Article By Extension (FAQ Schema Settings, Publishing Rules)
  4. Step 4: Validate FAQ Schema Installation
  5. Step 5: Notify Google about your Schema markup
In the scripting process the code is generated in JSON-LD mode and the extension does it for you. Here's an example of FAQPage in JSON-LD,
 <script type="application/ld+json">
            "@context": "",
            "@type": "FAQPage",
            "mainEntity": [{
              "@type": "Question",
              "name": "What is the difference between Quix Free & Quix Pro",
              "acceptedAnswer": {
                "@type": "Answer",
                "text": "Quix PRO is an extension that extends the free Quix and adds more feature in it. Quix free provide you a visual page builder with tons of elements and customization.Learn more about Quix PRO here."
              "@type": "Question",
              "name": "How do I get updates?",
              "acceptedAnswer": {
                "@type": "Answer",
                "text": "You will get a notification in your Joomla backend whenever an update is available. We also send email about the update to our customer. You can update it automatically with just a click."
              "@type": "Question",
              "name": "What kind of support do you offer?",
              "acceptedAnswer": {
                "@type": "Answer",
                "text": "We take pride in providing professional, one to one support to our customers through the ticketing system."

Manually add Joomla FAQ Schema with HTML Markup Almost any HTML Layout

To do so, you have to write a HTML markup like below. This is an example of FAQPage in Microdata,
<html itemscope itemtype="">
  <title>Example Site - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)</title>
  <div itemscope itemprop="mainEntity" itemtype="">
    <h3 itemprop="name">What is the difference between Quix Free & Quix Pro?</h3>
    <div itemscope itemprop="acceptedAnswer" itemtype="">
      <div itemprop="text">
        Quix PRO is an extension that extends the free Quix and adds more features in it. Quix free provide you a visual page builder with tons of elements and customization. Learn more about Quix PRO here.
  <div itemscope itemprop="mainEntity" itemtype="">
    <h3 itemprop="name">How do I get updates?</h3>
    <div itemscope itemprop="acceptedAnswer" itemtype="">
      <div itemprop="text">
        You will get a notification in your Joomla backend whenever an update is available. We also send email about the update to our customer. You can update it automatically with just a click.
<div itemscope itemprop="mainEntity" itemtype="">
  <h3 itemprop="name">What kind of support do you offer?</h3>
  <div itemscope itemprop="acceptedAnswer" itemtype="">

How to Create FAQ Schema in Joomla - The easiest way

The default Joomla FAQ sucks! And we already know this. In Quix, you can create FAQ Schema just by doing a button enable. Surprised? Why not?
Quix turns the FAQ schema into a more straightforward method; therefore, you need not face any disturbance at all. All you have to do is just make the FAQ rich markup button yes for the Question and answer you add there. All the scripting or HTML markup will be generated by Quix itself; you don't have to worry about this.
Let's see then,
Step 1: First you need to install Quix to get access to the amazing possibilities of Quix Joomla Page Builder. The installation process of Quix is very simple and super easy. Just follow the documentation.
Step 3: From the tons of premium elements of Quix choose the Accordion Element to add Question and Answer for your Joomla FAQ Schema.
In the general tab, you can add as many fields as you want. Click the accordion tab and add title(Question), description(Answer) and icon if you want. Do the same for the other accordion. You can also change the style and apply some advance settings in your Joomla FAQ Schema. The result is shown below.
Step 4: Now it's time to set the behavior. In the general tab click the Behaviour tab and then make the FAQ rich markup No to Yes. That's it! Now, Quix generates the JSON-LD script on its own.
Your Joomla FAQ Schema will show in the live page where you add the accordion.


# How to Ensure Better CTR Through FAQ Schema

Some users will decide to click or not-to-click the link based on the information provided in FAQs. For instance, if the user finds that information in FAQs, then it can convince the user to click your link.
So, add only relevant FAQs and keep it simple, short, and accurate.

# Which Question should I Cover

Obviously the relevant questions. You should cover the most common question People ask for in Google. Don't add FAQs just for the sake of adding them

# How Many FAQ I can Use

There is no guideline from Google regarding the FAQ number. In general, Google shows only 3 FAQ, and the addition will show after clicking the show more button. So, providing too much information is not a good idea.

# Any Rules and Regulation from Google

Yes, there are some.
  1. Only use FAQPage if your page has a list of questions with answers. If your page has a single question and users can submit alternative answers, use QAPage instead.
  2. Don't use FAQPage for advertising purposes.
  3. Make sure each Question includes the entire text of the question and make sure each Answer includes the entire text of the answer.
  4. All FAQ content must be visible to the user on the source page.

# FAQ Shema is Better with Ranked Page or Random Page

FAQ Schema is better with ranked page. If your page is in the first search page of Google then you can boost your page rank to the upper level through FAQ Schema.

# One FAQ Schema in one page 

Google won't allow you to add multiple FAQ Schema on just one page. To be ranked well and maintain good practice, use one FAQ Schema in one page of Google.

# What's the difference between FAQ and Q&A Schema

The basic difference between them is FAQ Schema can have multiple questions, and answers added to the page where the Q&A Schema should contain one question and multiple answers.

Wrapping Up

That's all for you guys. I hope you all enjoy the article and have knowledge about "How to Rank Higher and Improve Your Website CTR in Google Using Joomla FAQ Schema ." Don't forget to share your valuable opinion regarding this. Let me know your thoughts about FAQ Schema and Google FAQ as well.


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How to Rank Higher and Improve Your Website CTR in Google Using FAQ Schema
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