[Trick] How to Get Free Internet With Airtel SIM

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Requirements : Computer and the Airtel SIM and a Wifi Dongle.:zap:
Step 1 : Put you Airtel SIM in dongle
connected it to the Computer.
Step 2 : Go to Device Manager >Select the
Modem/ dongle > Advance . In Advance
simply type this
(+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”airtelmms.com 14” ).
Step 3: Create a Dial-up connection.
Step 4 : It will connected but there will be no network access.
Step 5 : Go to connect it you will see
Step 6: Right click on connected and click on Properties.
Step 7 : Go to network tab and check all the checkboxes.
Step 8 : click on internet protocol version. (TCP/IP).
Step 9 : Click on propeties.
Step 10 : if you don’t know any free DNS Servers, select from following DNS server.
Step 11 : Free Recommended DNS servers.
Step 12 : Click ok.
Step13 : Then again Click ok.
Step 14 : A message will appear “Setting will
take palce next time you dial it” click ok.
Step 15 : Again connect after Disconnecting.
Now your Internet is free!