how to Remove Branding & White Label [ plugin]

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Have you been wondering a method to change or remove branding from your website live chat.


You have come to the right developer's post, in this post i will show you how you can remove the branding.

  • Sublime text, or any text editor
  • Ability to access your website cpanel
At the end of this post your branding will be removed

What to do to change it:
  • Navigate to your plugin directory
  • Locate tawkto-live-chat/templates/widget.php
  • Goto line 13 where you will find s1.src='<?php echo $page_id ?>/<?php echo $widget_id ?>';
  • Copy only the url out<?php echo $page_id ?>/<?php echo $widget_id ?> to find your page id and widget id
Now to your wordpress dashboard
  • Navigate to plugin editor !You will get a notification about editing plugin, just click i understand.
  • At the top right of your plugin editor change to
  • At the right side of the editor click templates and select settings.php
  • At line 106 you will find echo "<h2>Property and widget is already set.</h2>";
  • Now add the code you copied earlier before the closing tag of the h2 like this echo "<h2>Property and widget is already set. <a href='".$page_id."/".$widget_id."' target='_blank'>My ID</a></h2>";
Getting your JS from
  • Now navigate to dashboard where you find Property and widget is already set.
  • Beside you will see the link we added earlier
  • Click the link to get your personal JS from then copy the JS to your sublime text editor
  • Now let save it as your-name.js
  • After that find this words <b></b>
  • Here is what you will delete <span class="thin">We\'re</span> <img class="emojione" alt="\u26a1" title="⚡" src="…"> by <b></b>
Back to your Cpanel:
  • Now back to your cpanel
  • Navigate to the plugin directory plugins/tawkto-live-chat/templates/
  • Create a new folder under the templates folder naming it hide-tawk-branding
  • Inside the folder hide-tawk-branding upload your saved script.
Now all done! 😜

You have successfully remove branding for life.

Having any issues?
Am always ready to help.

Happy development. 😜😘

When we create your-name.js, we miss add this file path in our php file so we add one new step :-

go to below path and open file
tawkto-live-chat(our plugin file)/tawkto.php
go to line no 46 and add below code
wp_enqueue_script( 'tawk_custom_script', plugins_url( 'templates/hide-tawk-branding/your-name.js' , __FILE__) );