How To Dropbox premium?

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Dropbox: Best Cloud Storage Service, more than 500 million users.
Dropbox is the best online storage service in the world.

I will share to get a paid account for free using the direct payment method.
Read carefully.
(You need to remember, all my posts here don't always work, if you try my way but fail, I apologize for that.)
(But you can judge me, how great my idea is that I share here)

Spoiler: Tutorial
1. Make sure you have used VPN with the Spain country, if you are in Spain, you don't need to use a VPN
* You can also use this country: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lexembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain
* This is a country that is supported by the Dropbox payment method using SEPA Direct Debit. Open this link (Dropbox pay with SEPA Direct Debit)
2. Open the link to get fake identity details (
* The country must be the same as step for number 1
Open the Dropbox website (
Enter your Dropbox account or create a new account
Make a payment (Go to the subscription page), here you will understand.
Choose payment using Direct Debit / Direct Payment / SEPA Direct Debit
Enter all required identification details
Keep using the IBAN on this site (, do not take IBAN on other sites.
Continue, make a purchase
Congratulations, payment was successful. You will get an email message that your Dropbox account has been upgraded.
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I do not know this will expire or not, because there is no notification that the payment is invalid.
See in the future, whether our Dropbox account is still subscribed or will expire because the payment is actually invalid. If I can't impress you, I'm sorry.